Restoring the world to its original design.

In a little over ten years, Lifeshape® has worked in more than 76 countries with 50+ partners influencing some 10,000 people per year.

For us, influence begins with the things we care about most.

Lifeshape® is passionate about connecting marketplace professionals to our purpose. By building intentional relationships across all sectors of society, Lifeshape enables marketplace professionals to engage others with the message of Jesus while using their greatest strengths to meet the world's greatest needs. We believe narrowing our focus to specific areas will result in meaningful life transformation.

Cultivating servant leaders.

Great leaders have a deep concern for those in their care. By equipping servant leaders, we see significant transformation around the world in the lives of those we serve -- broken families come together, business leaders care for the needs of others, leaders have compassion for their people. We are dedicated to multiplying servant leadership as a lifestyle to see significant change in the way people regard each other.

Seeing children flourish.

Children all over the world are caught in circumstances that prevent them from living a flourishing life. We work with trusted partners who care for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of children and young adults. By demonstrating God's love to the most vulnerable, the next generation is given an opportunity to discover a life of value and purpose.

Discipling the nations.

We want to see people living as God intended it - in right relationship with Him and each other. Lifeshape works with like-minded organizations that exist to strengthen people's relationships to God. As a result, we are more effectively able to break the cycle of spiritual poverty.