Serving those in need around the world.

Since 2004, Lifeshape has worked in more than 76 countries with more than 50 partners, influencing some 10,000 people per year by leveraging the skills and talents of marketplace professionals.

For us, influence begins with the things we care about most.

We believe you have something special to offer to a world in need. Your expertise—what you do day in and day out—has the potential to create a lightbulb moment for a teacher in Kenya, a farmer in Costa Rica or a student in Ukraine.

Lifeshape leverages the skills, talents and passions of our participants to strengthen the work of our partners who are serving around the world to address the needs of the most vulnerable people.

From human trafficking to clean drinking water and education for orphans, our partners are meeting an array of needs—and Lifeshape Teams help them do what they do better.

Consider this:

40 million people enslaved through human trafficking (Source: ZOE International)

2.1 billion people lacking access to safe water—one-third of the world’s population (Source: Living Water International)

153 million orphaned children (Source: UNICEF)

2 million new HIV infections and 1 million deaths from AIDS each year (Source: CARE for AIDS)

The needs are great, but together we can make an impact one project at a time.